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FloQast Tops the Financial Close Management Grid in G2’s Financial Close Management Grid® Spring 2023 Report

In an environment where numerous solutions are available, it can be challenging for consumers to cut through the spin and identify what’s really right for them.

Despite how businesses market their products and what promises are made, ultimately, the end user is the true judge of a business’s ability to live up to its promises.

That’s why review sites like G2 are so important. By giving actual users a forum to share their experiences using a specific product, potential purchasers can understand challenges, hidden benefits, and better understand the business relationship between solution and customers. It also helps that a wide variety of reviewers are active on sites like G2, giving an even better understanding of multiple use cases. 

Since day one, FloQast has aimed to provide the best customer experience possible. Over nearly 10 years and 850+ G2 reviews, it’s clear that we’re doing something right. Today, with the release of G2’s Financial Close Management Grid® Spring 2023 Report, FloQast has topped the G2 Momentum Grid for nine consecutive quarters. Additionally, FloQast was recently named to G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards for Global Software Companies for the first time, noting the multitude of reviews available and FloQast’s industry-pacing 4.7 out of 5 overall score.

Let’s take a look at the G2’s Financial Close Management Grid® Spring 2023 Report and see where everyone stands.

New Report, Same Results

In today’s challenging economic environment, every resource should be heavily scrutinized. This is why proving the material business impact on your tech stack is so critical. FloQast customers do this in spades and aren’t afraid to share their results with their peers. 

For the second quarter in a row, FloQast remains atop the Overall grid for Financial Close Spring 2023 with a score of 95. In the Mid-Market Grid® for Financial Close Software, G2 ranks FloQast as the clear leader by a wide margin with a score of 97, compared to the second (80) and third-place (76) solutions.  

Additionally, FloQast continues to lead the group on G2’s Momentum Grid Report for Financial Close with a best-in-class 81, with the second and third-placed solutions coming in at 77 and 69, respectively.

Continued Growth in EMEA

In June 2021, FloQast announced the opening of its first international office, settling in London with a handful of tenured FloQast employees and a new cohort of UK-based FloQasters joining the team. Since then, FloQast has significantly invested in the EMEA region, growing the team noticeably and adding several high-profile clients. 

Nearly two years later, it’s clear that news is paying off. FloQast ranked first in G2’s brand-new European Financial Close Management Grid in December. With a score of 87 (up from 81) in G2’s Spring Report, FloQast continued to widen the gap between competing solutions. 

With that kind of track record over two consecutive quarters, it’s safe to say that we’re just getting going.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Perhaps lost in all the moving parts are the remarkably consistent reviews speaking to FloQast’s ease of use, implementation, vendor relationship, and overall results. According to G2’s Spring 2023 report on Financial Close Software out, it’s clear that users overwhelmingly prefer FloQast.

“FloQast has an excellent interface and is incredibly easy to navigate,” said Kayla Klein Senior Accountant at the Daily Harvest. “I love the reconciliation and flux analysis tab, it has saved my team so much time during close. We record our notes directly next to each account in FQ, it’s great having everything in one place!” 

Comparing the top two solutions on the market, FloQast’s G2 scores Satisfaction, Ease of Setup, Ease of Use, and Quality of Support outpace the competition by significant margins. 

Buying software isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. Ultimately, it’s about establishing a trusting partnership, not simply signing a contract.

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