FloQast vs. BlackLine

A Comparative Look at User Ratings

Considering close management software for your accounting team? Compare FloQast and BlackLine to discover how the solutions stack up against each other according to real user ratings and reviews on G2.

G2 Satisfaction Score
Avg. Time to Go-Live (Mos.)
1.31 mos.
4.74 mos.
Estimated ROI (Mos.)
13.13 mos.
23.95 mos.
Avg. User Adoption
Ease of Setup
Implementation Score

*Comparative review data sourced from G2 and licensed by FloQast. G2 is the world’s leading B2B software review platform, leveraging more than 1,958,400 independent and authenticated user reviews to bring transparency to B2B purchasing decisions. Review data is based on G2 reviews from verified FloQast and BlackLine users. Review data was captured in March 2023.

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Satisfaction Score

~1 mo.

Avg. Time to Go-Live


Ease of Setup

In 2023, customers ranked FloQast as the #1 highest-rated Financial Close software with a near-perfect 99% satisfaction score compared to only 92% satisfaction by Blackline users.

In addition to superior time to go-live and estimated ROI, FloQast outperforms Blackline across three imperative metrics: “Average User Adoption,” “Ease of Setup,” and “Implementation.” BlackLine trailed 14-16% percent behind in each respective metric.

Getting a bit more specific, FloQast users said their direct contacts were responsive, knowledgeable, and high-quality.

FloQast not only comes with amazing features for accounting but exceptional service,” says Christina, Accounting Manager at LOXO Oncology. “We are treated like family, and our questions always have immediate responses.

Key ROI Factors

Users were especially keen on FloQast’s estimated ROI. “I have used other software that offers the same thing, but FloQast surpasses these other products,” said Jonathan, Senior Accountant at Viewpoint. “It is user-friendly and only took one 45-minute training, and our accounting team was good to go.”

ROI in 13 Months — Not 24

What is your company’s estimated time to ROI on this product?

Gathering a return on investment is critical in today’s modern business and economic climate. FloQast is easy to use, intuitive and powerful, which means faster payback than BlackLine. In the G2 Results Index for Financial Close for Spring 2023, users of FloQast estimated a full return-on-investment (ROI) within 13 months compared to 24 months by Blackline users. That is nearly TWICE as fast!

Go Live in One Month vs. 5 Months

How long did it take your company to go live?

The dramatic difference in time to ROI is mainly in part due to the fact that FloQast customers have an average of 1.3 months to go live compared to the 4.7 months to go live with Blackline.

Set-up for FloQast is done over the phone with accounting experts. New customers are frequently up and running on FloQast in their first month. By contrast, BlackLine requires a costly, time-consuming service engagement that takes multiple months. No wonder former BlackLine customers who have switched to FloQast most frequently did so due to a failed implementation, or they are using only a fraction of the legacy accounting software’s capabilities due to its complexity.

Learn Why FloQast is Ranked #1 by Users

Read why customers rank FloQast as the #1 highest-rated Financial Close software with a near-perfect 99% satisfaction score and awarded as one of G2’s Best Software for Global Software Companies for 2023.

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