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The People Have Spoken: FloQast Named G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards for Global Software Companies

In an age where some companies will just straight up make up things about what their businesses can do, it’s heartening — as a consumer — to know that there are places where actual product users can tell the truth. 

Over the last few years, review sites have become vital as businesses vet major purchases. This week, one of the major software review sites, G2, released its annual Best Software Awards. For the first time, FloQast landed on the list, ranking among the top Global Software Companies according to reviews.

“While G2 publishes the Best Software Awards each year, they’re really awards from customers,” noted Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Representing a vote of confidence from real software users, these awards also spotlight those that have risen to the top among thousands of companies. With 2 million+ verified software reviews, the most in a single destination, our marketplace features more than 145,000 products and services across 2,100 different categories. Congratulations to all those named, as buyers will continue to lean on these awards as a trusted source to inform their software decisions in the year ahead.” 

To Sara’s point, the fact that this award was really, truly decided by actual users and reviewers is a tremendous honor. Recently, FloQast passed the 850 reviews mark on G2 with an overall score of 4.7 out of 5, leading all vendors in the Best Financial Close Software category. 

It’s also worth noting that no other companies listed on G2 under this award made the Best Software Awards. Just throwing it out there. Other winners include HubSpot, Microsoft, ZenDesk, Zoom, DropBox, SalesForce, Adobe, and, if my math is correct, at least 90 more fantastic companies.

“We’re always over the moon when being recognized for an award like this, but knowing that our presence on G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards — as a global software company, no less — is thrilling,” said FloQast’s Director of Customer Marketing Victoria LaPlante. “The number — and excellent detail reviewers include provides us so much value as an organization and helps us continue our mission to make every decision with the company in mind.”

Recently, G2 released its 2023 Winter Report, providing more detailed information on the Financial Close Software space and highlighting the individual categories in which FloQast leads the class. 

According to the report, it’s clear that users overwhelmingly prefer FloQast.

Comparing the top two solutions on the market, FloQast’s G2 scores Satisfaction, Ease of Setup, Ease of Use, and Quality of Support outpace the competition by significant margins. Learn more about what makes FloQast the number one option according to G2 reviewers

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