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Hot Off the Presses: FloQast ReMind Now Integrates With Checklists To Offer Greater Visibility and Efficiency

Earlier this year, FloQast announced the launch of an exciting new solution designed to streamline the labor-intensive and highly manual process of sending request emails on a recurring basis. 

Developed by the former auditors and accountants here at FloQast — as well as our actual internal FloQast accounting team, who had to send far too many reminders to people like myself asking for vendor accruals — FloQast ReMind a new task management workflow add-on to the FloQast Close solution. 

Given how long it can take for accounting teams to draft, review, schedule, and follow up on such pesky items that are critical to executing an efficient month-end close, this solution has helped accounting teams automate the communication process. This reduced the time spent on using email to request information while offering managers and controllers visibility into potential roadblocks impacting the month-end close.

Today, we’re excited to announce that FloQast ReMind is now integrated with FloQast checklists, allowing teams to accelerate their time-to-close without adding additional stress or compromising accuracy. This increases that FloQast users responsible for managing, preparing, and reviewing close checklist items have added visibility into requests submitted using ReMind, allowing them to plan accordingly and — if necessary — elevate the offending item to the managerial level.

The new checklist integration means that users can now:

  • Link FloQast to ReMind from a checklist item so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Associate a checklist item to a request so that the items are paired together, consistently.
  • Allow files to be stored back into cloud storage, directly.
  • Update the UI in FloQast to reflect that there is an active request associated with a checklist item.

According to Jessica Lee, a Senior Accountant at Unified and an early user of FloQast ReMind, the product has helped boost the efficiency of the Unified accounting organization significantly since its implementation.

“ReMind helps immensely with reducing month-end tasks, especially collecting monthly accrual estimates from third parties. With ReMind, I’m confident that my requests are going out and that the information is being collected. I can just set it and forget it.”

If you’re interested in learning more about FloQast ReMind, check out this on-demand webinar featuring FloQast Co-founder CEO Mike Whitmire, Geena Lewis, Accounting Manager at PulteGroup (and early ReMind user), and Ricardo Martinez, Product Manager at FloQast to see the product in action.

See FloQast ReMind in action