Have you seen that spreadsheet jockey strutting around the office showing off his or her fancy VLOOKUPs? If so, you know the power of what Excel can do and the hours of time it can save you everyday.

To help you become even more EXCEL-lent, we’re bringing back “Chief Excel Officer” Jim Cline for a special extended session by popular demand. Join for the session’s entirety or just that for which you have time.

During this special two-hour webinar, Jim will share his top five time-saving Excel Tips and Tricks for Accounting Professionals that will allow you to better organize and understand your data quicker and easier. Jim will demonstrate LIVE via a screenshare — you can even follow along in your own copy of Excel if you choose.

Join this session to learn how to:

  • Recognize the proper use of TEXT functions to manipulate text without manual editing, including LEFT(), MID(), FIND(), TRIM(), and PROPER()
  • Recognize the proper use of LOGICAL and LOOKUP functions, including IF(), IFERROR(), VLOOKUP(), LOOKUP(), and SUMIF()
  • Identify the steps to nest formulas and functions within formulas
  • Find the Excel Options dialog box to display the DEVELOPER tab
  • Choose and format the SPIN form control