Workiva and FloQast: Connect your Close, Own Your Close

Improve your record-to-report process with FloQast and Workiva

Workiva and FloQast: Connect your Close, Own Your Close

Improve your record-to-report process with FloQast and Workiva

The Workiva connected reporting and compliance platform helps organizations optimize, improve, and provide stronger controls throughout the reporting process. FloQast is close management software, created by accountants for accountants to close faster and more accurately. Integrated with ERPs and leveraging your existing checklists, FloQast provides a single place to manage the close and gives everyone visibility.

Together, Workiva and FloQast have partnered to connect the disjointed record-to-report processes that lead to costly inefficiencies, such as miscommunication, duplicated work, and inaccurate financial statements.

  • Data accuracy and integrity
  • Transparency across teams and processes
  • Automated close processes
  • Control and collaboration


Highlights of using FloQast and Workiva

Highlights of using FloQast and Workiva

Configuration, not code

Keep IT out of the equation with FloQast’s direct API connection to Workiva.
Seamlessly pull the latest FloQast close data into Workiva’s connected reporting environment with the press of a button.

Effective data management

By connecting Workiva and FloQast, reconciliation ending balances dynamically update internal and external-facing financial statements.

Optimal value

Workiva and FloQast connect to multiple ERPs, so you can maximize their value and the efficiencies of connecting with multiple source systems. Refresh your reconciliation summary and consolidated financials throughout the close with complete visibility into what figures are still in process.

Streamlined financial reporting

Focus on regulatory compliance and the story that surrounds it. Embed evidence, documentation, and context into your internal and external reports, with data you can trust.

See FloQast & Workiva in Action

Take the next step in connectivity by bridging the gap between closing the books and financial statement preparation. Give your reporting team more visibility into when they can rely on final account balances and ensure any last minute changes are updated in real-time.

See how the two systems integrate and work together to in this 7 minute on-demand demo.




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