2020 has been a year that no company or executive could have accurately predicted due to unprecedented events. Executives were forced to adapt quickly to a new economic environment while keeping their organizations afloat and by worrying about the well being of their employees while also worrying about meeting revenue goals. 

In spite of the unstable business environment, financial controllers must move forward with planning for 2021. This survey depicts the challenges, threats, and impact that 2020 has had on their financial and budgeting planning during an uncertain time. What is changing? What earnings from 2020 have the biggest impact on how planning is done differently for 2021? How has the stress impacted the day-to-day lives of controllers responsible for leading this challenging task? These are just a few of the covered topics.

In this survey, you will learn:

  1. How 2021 planning created unique challenges for controllers
  2. What controllers are doing to adapt to new planning strategies
  3. The reasons behind the optimism for a better 2021