The dreaded annual audit alongside the issuance of financial statements are the final pieces of the reporting puzzle for you to close the books on 2021. It is a significant process that culminates your entire year in a couple months of hard work.

You are drained, your team is drained, and your auditor is probably drained too. You are finally done having to look in the rear view mirror of last year, but now what do you do? So much gets pushed to the side during the audit, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Join Stefan van Duyvendijk, Accounting Operations Evangelist and Greg Vecellio, Controller from FloQast alongside Evan Briggs, Director of Financial Reporting at Overstock, as they discuss some best practices for organizing and optimizing your and your team's time post busy season.

Implementing and planning now will help operationalize your audit. The best time to plan for the future is now!

During this session, walkaway with actionable items around:

  1. Feedback loops and their pivotal role in unlocking your potential and your team's potential
  2. Roadmapping exercises and its use to create a functioning guide for your future-state plans
  3. Resting and resetting’s important role in optimizing performance
  4. How to assess for signs of burn-out and common issues that result from burn-out

Attendees eligible for 1 CPE credit.