The way we work has shifted over the past year. With many finance and accounting teams working remotely or in hybrid environments, the importance of team collaboration and an accurate month-end close has grown exponentially.

See firsthand how close management software from FloQast empowers your team to close the books faster and more accurately, with remote or hybrid teams. Join Yury Karny, General Manager, Nell'Armonia Israel and Adam Zoucha, Managing Director at FloQast EMEA as they discuss the benefits of FloQast and demonstrate how it works with your existing checklists, ERP, and Excel to manage tasks and improve collaboration across your team. Also joining will be Ofer Panet, Controller at JFrog who will share tips and strategies his team has taken while working remotely or in a hybrid environment, and how they have closed the books successfully.

Join us and learn how close management software:

  1. Provides accounting teams a single place to manage the month-end close and give everyone visibility to significantly improve team efficiency
  2. Integrates with existing checklists and Excel to work the way your team does already
  3. Dramatically improves audit-readiness by centralizing documentation to ensure support, evidence of review and sign-offs are always ready for audit