In the last decade there has been a growing trend of more and more finance and accounting professionals working virtually. With the onset of the global health crisis, what was once more of the exception, has now become the rule. The new norm is suddenly 100% virtual teams which need to work just as effectively from home as they do in the office. This means teams need to rethink their organization, procedures and tools they use to perform their jobs.

Join CFO Andrea Tiller of Kranz Associates and CEO Mike Whitmire of FloQast as they share best practices to establish, optimize and maximize the effectiveness of virtual Finance and Accounting teams. Leveraging the learnings of more than a decade of what works, what doesn’t and how to best structure and organize virtual teams, these pioneers will share their experience and insight. Also joining is Gigster CFO, Judy Kopa, and Stack Overflow CFO, Jerry Raphael, who will share how their organizations have effectively put into place many of these best practices and how their teams are more effective than ever.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to operate efficiently and effectively when the finance and accounting team is working 100% remotely.
  • Special considerations for team structure and management when the team is not in the office together.
  • What tools and technology is available to facilitate working remotely and how to leverage for effective team collaboration.

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