It’s IPO season. Seems like a new company is announcing their filings every week! With IPO in the back of many executives' heads and on the front of everyone else’s news feeds, we’re stepping in to add some practical and actionable advice to the conversation.

Join Austin Brown (Alliances Manager @ FloQast) as he moderates a panel featuring Ryan Ollivier (Partner @ The Cadence Group), Mike Bellin (Deals Partner – CMAAS @ PwC), Peter Taylor (Corporate Controller @ Purple) and Brannen Child (VP Finance @ Domo) as they discuss what companies should be thinking about in preparation for an IPO, and some insight around a few lessons learned along the way.

Learning Objectives:

  1. When an IPO is right for your business
  2. What you should be doing to prepare for an IPO and when should you start
  3. Common mistakes and how to avoid them

This will be an interactive webinar with questions posed by the host and audience.