More than 30% of the US workforce now comprises of the Millennial generation and by 2020 that number will be nearly 50%. A lot has been written about Millennials and how they approach their jobs differently than their parents–they embrace different tools, different motivations and different expectations. In fact, the average Millennial will quit their job in two years which makes managing the Millennial generation all the more challenging.

Hear FloQast CEO, Co-Founder and former accountant–and Millennial, Mike Whitmire, as he shares with you tips and tricks to better manage Millennials on your accounting team.

From this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Best practices to hire, train and retain Millennial accountants
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of team dissension when Millennial work styles conflict with traditional structures
  • Insight into Millennial accounting job and tool preferences
  • 2017 salary benchmarks and gain insight into industry compensation levels
  • Recommendations to create a team culture where Millennials will thrive

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