In college, accounting students learn strategic and analytical skills that are often times not fully utilized during their careers. However, in today's time, it's more common that their day-to-day workload consists of manual tasks and processes. Join an all star cast, including Mike Whitmire, CPA*, CEO and Co-founder of FloQast, Dan Fletcher, CFO at Planful and Carlos Vega, CEO at Tesorio, who will share how accountants can rediscover the strategic skills acquired in college by looking to technologies available today to free up accountants from the drudgery of busy work.

Discover how a connected and optimized tech-stack empowers your finance and accounting organizations to streamline these processes. Join this webinar to:

  1. Improve team efficiency by connecting your people, process, documents, and reconciliations
  2. Leverage the unique strengths of a multi-generational workplace with cloud-based tools
  3. Take advantage of new technologies that offer extraordinary efficiency gains.
  4. Increase accuracy, improve efficiency and free up time for other value-added work


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