For finance and accounting leaders the promise of a financial transformation is enticing--automating manual processes and outdated systems to streamline operations for significant increased efficiency and effectiveness. But what does a “financial transformation” really entail and where to start? If you listen to some, it’s a multi-year journey requiring substantial investment. It doesn’t have to be. Concrete steps with modest investments can jumpstart a financial transformation that can be implemented in months--not years--and started today.

Mike Whitmire, CPA, founder & CEO of FloQast, John Head, Vice President, Global Channels of Host Analytics, and Andy Roehr, Managing Director, WG Consulting, discuss practical steps businesses can employ to start their financial transformation. Also, Kevin Chesser, CFO at Tech Seal, shares his own experience in completing a three-month transformation that accelerated their month-end close, delivered management reporting and created a streamlined finance operation that is far more efficient in helping to manage the oil and gas components manufacturer’s business. 

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  • Essential steps to prepare for and begin implementation of a practical financial transformation strategy
  • Best practices that successful accounting and finance teams follow for standardizing processes, automating manual tasks and making the shift from data collection to strategic business analysis and advising
  • How to leverage new technology and tools to accelerate the close, deliver accurate reporting and streamline operations

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