Even in a time of economic uncertainty, Finance and Accounting teams are focused on transforming their operations to deliver faster and more accurate financials in addition to the capture of controls to drive audit-readiness.

In this session, learn why in spite of heavy investments in technology, over 51% of Accounting teams say that they are in desperate need of modernization across their Close processes. And how implementing a controls environment to mitigate the risk of fraud and ensure regulatory compliance can have a crucial cost and resource impact.

Join Hugh O’Neill, Senior Sales Engineer at FloQast (former Financial Director) and Yoav Har-Esh, Finance & Business Operations Manager from Yotpo as they discuss these challenges. Learn how transforming key areas with a Close, Connect and Control approach can drive measurable results in a quarter or less.

  1. Close: Learn how Yotpo implemented FloQast to improve the Financial Close with a centralized solution that provides greater visibility, automation, collaboration and documentation.
  2. Connect:. Accounting teams need to collaborate both within and outside their organization while gathering evidence of actions taken, documentation and ownership. Learn how teams can improve collaboration to drive more velocity and accuracy.
  3. Control:. See a demonstration of how FloQast helps teams to proactively manage the controls environment, including SOX – from design, implementation, and continuous capture. See how this drives greater confidence in the controls environment while decreasing the effort and expense associated with managing the program.