As Accountants, we spend hours in Excel each day and know-how manual and time consuming it can be. With the remote work environment we currently live in, accurate reporting and communication is more important than ever.

Excel is a powerful tool that finance & accounting professionals rely on heavily -- and that’s why we decided to bring you a complimentary Excel Tips & Tricks webinar + free CPE!

Jim Cline, Chief Excel “CEO” Officer will host a series of webinars that will cover everything from recognizing the proper use of TEXT functions to manipulate text without manual editing, the VLOOKUP() function, and how to build pivot tables.  

If you are an Excel veteran or just looking for helpful tips & tricks to freshen up your Excel skills join us on Wednesday, May 19th, 10am PT for the Macro EXCELnomics: A deep dive into Macros.

Attendees are eligible to 1 CPE credit.

Can’t attend the webinars but are still interested in brushing up your excel skills? Register anyway and you’ll receive a recording.