How VPs of Finance Use FloQast

Get Increased Visibility
Without the Wait

Your team needs to be a well-oiled machine and you need better visibility into the close — yesterday! FloQast’s quick and easy implementation means you’ll be up and running in days or weeks…not months.

  • Empower your controller

    With a great controller, you don’t have to worry about accounting. FloQast empowers your controller to close faster and more accurately without your continual involvement in the process. Spend less time on the close and more time planning strategy with your CFO.

  • Accelerate onboarding and reduce turnover costs

    With all your historical monthly close process documentation organized in one place, turnover becomes much less costly. New employees on your accounting team can easily reference what was done in prior periods to know what they need to do without asking nearly as many questions.

  • Enjoy cleaner, faster audits

    It’s incredible how much time during the audit is wasted on back-and-forth among your accountants and the auditors. Auditors spend less time in your office when they can find everything they need in the cloud, including a complete flux analysis.

What other VPs of finance are saying

“The biggest reason we chose FloQast was the ease of implementation. Training was probably unnecessary because the system is so easy to use.”

Amy Vallandigham

VP of Finance
The Newport Group

“When I tried out FloQast, it felt like a breath of fresh air. It not only came at a very affordable price point, but was also extremely easy to use. I picked it up within 20 minutes.”

Jerry Raphael

VP of Finance
Stack Overflow

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