Streamline the Close to Stay Audit-ready in a Virtual World

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A company’s annual audit can be a massive headache for financial departments in the best of times, let alone in a changing virtual world. The new normal, such as remote and hybrid working models and evolving legislative requirements like UK SOX, can make audit readiness even harder to achieve. Finance and accounting teams must now modernize their operations to collaborate virtually, drive flexibility to meet changing regulations and controls, and increase visibility into audit readiness and documentation. 

To succeed in the new normal, companies are streamlining the Financial Close and experiencing a 26% reduction in the time required for audit support and a 23% reduction in audit discrepancies*. 

Watch this on-demand webinar in partnership with Financial Director webinar to learn how companies have modernized in a few short months without disrupting their business to realize:

  • A more predictable, faster, and accurate Financial Close 
  • Increased ability to support virtual internal and external teams with cloud collaboration
  • Ability to react to and implement regulatory changes like UK SOX
  • Automated detective controls for account balances and reconciliations to mitigate risk
  • Centralized transparency, documentation, and insights to support the audit

*FloQast Customer Survey December 2021

Featured Speakers

Katie Shapland

Associate Director Financial Operations
Summit Therapeutics

Hugh O'Neill

Account Executive

Stefan van Duyvendijk

Accounting Operational Evangelist

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