FloQast + Slack

Further streamline and optimize your month-end close process.

Turn Messages into Action

By integrating with team messaging, we make accounting teams more efficient by allowing them to interact with FloQast content and functionality directly from Slack. Consider what Slack can add to FloQast Review Notes, which FloQast teams use to create mini conversations and review evidence tied to specific procedures or reconciliations. When a new Review Note is created, its new assignee receives a real-time notification in Slack, and can reply to that Review Note directly from Slack. Importantly, a full record of the Review Note and its replies is maintained in FloQast, regardless of whether replies came via Slack or directly in FloQast.

But wait…there’s more!

Here are a few more ways the FloQast integration for Slack adds value for accounting teams

Real-time Slack notifications for reviewers that all preparation tasks are fully signed off, so it’s ready for review.

Personalized summary notifications of items that are past due but not yet signed off.

Ability to query FloQast from Slack for a real-time update such as items due tomorrow, or status of individual tasks.

Connect FloQast to your Slack Workspace

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