FloQast Analyze™

At-a-glance visualizations for greater close efficiency.

Controllers are constantly challenged to close faster, yet rarely have sufficient visibility to identify and remove bottlenecks. FloQast Analyze™ provides valuable insight to optimize an accounting team’s workload and maximize process efficiency to improve future closes.

Why FloQast Analyze

Track efficiency improvements

Identify how close trends are progressing over time. Utilize historical financial data to promote a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

Remove Bottlenecks

Utilize analytics tools to pinpoint gaps or bottlenecks in workload allocation, allowing you to more effectively manage your team without having to micromanage.

Know Where You Stand

Obtain real-time insight as to whether your close is ahead or behind schedule. Instantly access data for detailed management reports.

Powerful Insights to Improve the Close

All Entities View

Single-page summary view shows each entity’s progress toward close completion, including which entities have successfully closed their books, are on track to get there, or are already late.

Current Close Dashboard

See how your current close is progressing against set deadlines for checklist items and reconciliations. As long as the blue shaded area is above the gold pace line, you’re on track to close on time.

Filtered Views

Filter views to meet your specific needs. You can filter by process, custom tags, checklist or prepared items, reconciliation status, reviews or some combination thereof. Isolate high-risk or otherwise key close items and visually display the root cause of any bottlenecks in the close process.

Retrospective & Close Trends

See historic views of prior closes and a trending view of how your close process is evolving over time. Know what you need for ongoing improvement. You can also Export all your close data into a filterable, pivot-friendly format that is ready for analysis offering an even easier way to get valuable insights to improve future closes.

Accounting Professionals Love FloQast

“FloQast Analyze is helping us identify the bottlenecks holding up our month-end close, and has enabled us to improve the process in those specific areas.”

Natalie Santiago

Accounting Manager
Dollar Shave Club

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