Organize Your Entire Close Process

Standardize and Centralize Your Close

  • FloQast is your single place to manage the month-end close, aligning people, processes and documents in one collaborative platform. Grant visibility to each of your team members to see the whole close, not just their individual piece.
  • Define repeatable workflow processes that add structure, accountability and control to all of your financial activities.
  • Automatically roll forward your checklists, reconciliations, and supporting documents every month for a consistent folder structure without additional administrative burden.

Stop Flying Blind Every Month

  • See a consolidated view of your month-end close progress at a glance.
  • Get a single dashboard to monitor the status of the close for all your entities, foreign and domestic, regardless of currency.
  • Leverage Close Analytics to determine whether your team is on target or falling behind, forecast your success, plus view individual performance for on-time or late delivery.

Always Be Audit Ready

  • Ensure your accounts stay tied out with automated alerts when reconciliations no longer match your trial balance amounts, even after sign-offs are complete.
  • Introduce internal controls to prevent fraud and boost security. Safely store all records, including perm docs, in FloQast so everything is easy to find.
  • Optionally provide limited access to auditors so they can access the documentation they need and complete their work with less reliance on your staff.

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