Collaborate More Efficiently and Effectively

Create Accountability Through Transparency

  • Are certain deadlines always missed? Is one team member handling a greater load than the others? When everyone on the team can see who is responsible for what – and by when – it’s impossible for slackers to hide.
  • Get automatic notifications when items are ready for review or are past due so nothing holds up the close process or falls through the cracks.
  • Assign preparers and reviewers to checklist items and reconciliations with separate due dates to ensure your team meets deadlines.

Bring team communication to the forefront

  • Whether your team fits in one room or is scattered across the world, use the built-in collaboration features to keep communication documented and organized.
  • Attach Review Notes to specific tasks and reconciliations for easy reference. Assign them to team members and change their status as items are resolved and then closed.
  • Visit the Review Notes tab to see a roll-up of all your review notes organized by status.

Promote team development and continuous improvement

  • Are there bottlenecks within your close process? Drill down into valuable opportunities for improvement with actionable analytics.
  • Analyze month-over-month close metrics to determine how best to reallocate resources to accelerate and improve the overall month-end close process.
  • Leverage Review Notes to provide consistent feedback, promoting team development.

Onboard Faster and Reduce Turnover Pain

  • With all month-end close processes documented and communication transparent within FloQast, new team members can pick up right where others left off.
  • Reduce training time and increase consistency in the close process. Maintain records of improvement within FloQast.

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