These days, an audit is something you really can’t avoid — but who says it needs to be a pain in the asset? In this session, industry experts from FloQast and Workiva will walk you through the best ways to engage your auditors in the ever-changing world of financial technology and explain how you can design a scalable process in a remote environment that minimizes compliance risk and might even lower your audit fees. You’ll also hear from Audit Partner at Eide Bailly, LeAnn Rudolph as she shares her perspective and experience in the audit world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the changing world of financial technology impacts the way companies should look at their annual audit. 
  • How to utilize FloQast auditor licenses for a more efficient and transparent audit engagement.
  • Highlight common challenges for audit clients and demonstrate how Workiva technology can be leveraged to address these challenges and streamline the audit process.
  • Identify specific use cases where connected close and reporting solutions mitigate audit risk and improve audit efficiency

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