FloQast Matching

Automate the most painful part of your month-end close.

Manual transaction matching is a highly-repetitive, tedious process. FloQast Matching uses artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite the reconciliation process, saving your team hours or even days each month. It’s easy to set up and start using in just minutes thanks to pre-configured matching patterns and Microsoft Excel integration.

    Problem                          Solution

  • Reconciling high volume accounts in Excel means manually sorting, ticking, and even color coding thousands of spreadsheet rows. It requires hours of difficult, detailed work.
  • Managers are often reluctant to delegate reconciliations with complex matching to their staff, which leaves managers too busy and hinders staff development.
  • Alternative matching solutions are difficult to set up and configure, require extensive training for the team to use properly, and/or are limited to specific types of accounts.
  • Set up and start matching transactions in minutes thanks to easy-to-use software with pre-configured matching patterns - no extensive training required.
  • Match thousands of transactions in minutes, not hours. Free up time to investigate and resolve exceptions rather than spending all your time manually ticking and tying.
  • Inject a new level of accuracy and transparency into your close process by relying on automation and AI, not error-prone manual processes, to do the bulk of the matching.

From Days to Minutes: Demme Learning Saves Big with FloQast Matching

Learn how the Accounting Coordinator at Demme Learning used FloQast Matching to save 24 to 72 hours per month on a high volume deferred revenue reconciliation.

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How It Works

  • Excel Import

    To get started, all you need are two Excel files containing the transactions you want to match. FloQast Matching can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions across any two sets of data.

  • Intelligent Matching

    We’ll identify one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many matches automatically based on the amount, date, and two reference fields; there's no need to create rules. Our proprietary algorithms use AI to identify matches even when fields are not identical.

  • Audit Ready

    Export your results to Excel for easy integration with your existing reconciliation workpapers. FloQast shows exactly which transactions matched, making for a much stronger audit trail.

Why FloQast Matching

ERP Limitations

Your ERP system may contain reconciliation modules, but these may be manually operated, slow to use, limited to certain types of accounts, and/or can’t import data easily.

Reconcile Any Account

FloQast Matching can import and reconcile data from any source. It’s designed by accountants for accountants to rapidly reconcile hundreds of thousands of transactions from any GL account.

Seamless with your Close

Rather than switching back and forth between multiple systems, consolidate your matching, close checklists, reconciliations, trial balance tie-outs, and flux analysis in a single place to manage the close.

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