Tying It All Together

March 14th - March 16th, 2022

The Beverly Hilton Hotel | Los Angeles, California


The time has finally come! For the first time in over two years, FloQasters will come together — in person — to celebrate, bond, and plan for the next chapter on our path to IPO. See some familiar faces, meet some new ones, and hear what’s next for this rocket ship!

What you can Expect


That’s a real nice number
to be valued at.

What’s it going to take to make it our ARR?
That’s what we’re going to learn. At FloQast Go, we’ll:

Share the strategic business vision for the next three years on how each department plans to support the company’s growth and exceed expectations.

Revisit old friendships and make new ones — in person — for the first time as an official tech unicorn.

Have a ton of freaking fun doing it. Bring your dancing shoes and party hats, because we’ve got a lot to celebrate.

Why We Are Jazzed About the Event

Mike Whitmire

CEO & Co-Founder

“At FloQast, our company culture is so much a part of our success, and given the tremendous amount of growth we’ve experienced over the last few years, ensuring that culture is consistent (and awesome) has been incredibly important to us. That’s why we’re so excited for FloQast Go. It’s the perfect opportunity to come together, talk about what we need to do to get to the next level, and reintroduce ourselves IN PERSON.”

Amit Nayar

VP of Engineering

“When Engineering first shifted to 100% remote work, we knew we could continue to operate at a high level, but there's really nothing that can replace that camaraderie we experience being together in the same place. Obviously, we've adjusted and thrived, and the chance to come together again as a company—a much bigger company than we saw in the office in 2020—is an awesome opportunity to strengthen the relationships we've formed online, understand our goals for the future, and have a ton of fun doing it.”

Ed Brice


“FloQast Go is the perfect opportunity to usher in a new era in FloQast’s history. We’ve come a long way in the last few years, and it’s absolutely time to come together to celebrate how far we’ve come and get excited about the road ahead. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person and have some fun while we’re doing it! We have an exciting schedule for the event and am looking forward to sharing that with everyone at FloQast! See you in LA!”


Mar 13th
International Employees Arrival and Check In
Mar 14th
US Employee Check In
Welcome Reception
Mar 15th
Leadership Keynotes
Leadership Keynotes
FloQast Go Awards Show
Mar 16th
Leadership Keynotes
Department Breakouts
Unicorn Party
Mar 17th
Employee Check Out

Get Hyped


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Do I need to attend the full conference?

This event is not required but employees are strongly encouraged to attend for all three days, beginning Monday evening and through Wednesday night’s Unicorn party. In the event that you can attend in-person but cannot attend all of the days, please reach out to your manager and let the Events Manager, Stephanie Caracas (stephanie.caracas@floqast.com) know.

If you are unable to attend for whatever reason that is ok! It will not be held against you and not negatively impact your role at FloQast.

If I live in LA, do I need to spend the night at the hotel?

We are encouraging all LA local employees to stay at the hotel. This is to ensure an optimal team building experience! However, if you are unable to stay at the hotel, but plan to attend the event daily, please inform your manager and the Events Manager, Stephanie Caracas (stephanie.caracas@floqast.com).

If I cannot attend the event in-person, will there be a virtual option?

There will not be a virtual option that coincides with the physical event in real-time, However, recordings of the sessions will be available post-event for all employees to view.

Will I have time to work during the event?

The primary focus is to attend all of the sessions and learn more about FloQast’s strategy and meet new FloQast team members. We realize that work duties may require your time so we have built in breaks during the conference, and reserved conference rooms where employees can take calls / answer emails throughout the sessions. There will also be additional free time before each evening event.

What is the attire?

FloQast has an unapologetically Californian casual style, so wear whatever is comfortable for you that isn’t unprofessional...i.e. don’t dress in anything that would embarrass your family.

I have a food allergy, will there be a variety of food options available?

Yes! We will have food options that can accommodate all food allergies / restrictions.

If I am commuting to the hotel everyday, will I be reimbursed for parking?

Yes, hotel parking and any associated necessary costs will be reimbursed to you after the event. Please save all of your itemized receipts and submit in one transaction to Expensify for review and approval. FloQast will not reimburse any unnecessary or unreasonable expenses. Please see our Travel and Reimbursement Policy for more details.

If I am an LA local and I am staying at the hotel all three nights, will I be reimbursed for hotel parking?

We ask that all employees who are staying at the hotel for the entire event (sleeping at the hotel all three nights) utilize rideshare (Uber/Lyft) to / from the hotel on their check-in and check out dates, as parking is costly and is not included. The cost of the rideshare to the hotel from home, and returning home from the hotel, will be reimbursed by FloQast.

Can we bring family (spouse, children) or pets to the hotel with us?

No, this is a FloQast employee-only event so plus 1s will not be allowed to stay at the hotel or attend any portion of the event.

What will the weather be like in LA in March?

Typical LA weather that time of year is in the mid 70’sF / 21C during the day and 50F / 10C during the evening. There will be indoor and outdoor activities, so we recommend packing appropriate clothing as it can get chilly during the evenings.

When should I expect to fly into LA and out of LA?

US Employees: Employees located in the US should fly in on Monday, January 24 and fly out on Thursday, January 27.

UK Employees: Employees located in the UK should fly in on Sunday, January 23 and fly out on Thursday, January 27.

What if I want to arrive earlier or stay later than the dates of the event?

Flight: FloQast will only pay for one round trip flight to/from LA. If you wish to fly in/out on different dates and the price of the flight is more expensive, it is your responsibility to cover the cost in excess.

Hotel: FloQast will only pay for the hotel room for the duration of the event, if you wish to stay longer for personal reasons, it is your responsibility to pay for the cost of the hotel for the extra days. There are no discount codes for the hotel that FloQast is booking.

If your Department has decided to extend your stay at the hotel for work-related reasons, then the cost of the hotel will be paid for by your Department’s budget.

Will masks be required for this event?

Currently, the city and county of Los Angeles have a mask mandate for indoor events. FloQast will abide by local, state, and federal regulations and will require that all in-person attendees wear masks where required.

How and when should I book my flight?

All flights must be booked through our travel platform TripActions. In order to gain access to the TripActions Okta tile, you must have already provided proof of your full vaccination status and signed the required waiver form. If you have not done so already, you can send a picture or scan of your vaccine card to adey@floqast.com, after which you will be provided with access to book your flight. All flights must be booked through TripActions. If you have any questions, please reference this document.

FloQast will only pay for one round trip ticket to/from LAX. UK based employees should plan to arrive in LA on Sunday, March 13th for a 4pm PST hotel check in, US based employees should plan to arrive in LA on Monday, March 14th for a 4pm PST hotel check in.