The month-end close typically means late nights in the office and visits on the weekends. Appointments, family events and normal after hour routines are put on hold.

They don’t have to be. Close more accurately, three days faster and still leave the office by

Close Management Software from FloQast

FloQast is close management software created by accountants for accountants to help your team close faster and more accurately. .svg

Upgrade Your close checklist

Transform your Excel monthly close checklist into a cloud-based collaboration tool for the entire team.

Automate TB tie-outs

FloQast works with your general ledger and Excel workbooks to link them dynamically.

Organize audit support

Stay organized every close by building on top of your existing folder structure.

Work Better As A Team

• Unify your process
• Focus on high priority items
• Collaborate through review notes

Work The Way You Already Work

• Work dynamically in Excel
• Onboard employees faster
• Automated roll forward

Close Your Books Faster

• Streamline your accounting team process
• Eliminate ticking & tying with automated tie-outs
• Hit deadlines without micromanagement


Hand Over Financials with Confidence

• Ensure completeness
• Certainty that everything ties out (and stays that way)
• Minimize human error by automating manual tasks

Thousands Close Every Day Using FloQast

“Every month we have much greater visibility into where we stand.”

Brandt Kucharski | Corporate Controller

“FloQast allows us to focus more on a qualitative review of our financial statements.”

James Walker | VP of Finance
Ruckus Wireless

“With FloQast we can find the information needed, anywhere, which has helped with our annual audit.”

Amy Sim | Accounting Manager
CenCal Health

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