You’re invited to an upcoming webinar specifically for FloQast users where we’ll be sharing best practices for account reconciliations and spreadsheets, plus how to use FloQast Match to reconcile your accounts faster and more accurately. FloQast Match uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically create matches within minutes after you upload any two files, allowing you to focus only on the exceptions, and then FloQast creates the account reconciliation with your results.

This session will cover:

    • Specific use cases of how FloQast Match speeds up your most tedious and time-consuming reconciliations, automating manual work involved in the reconciliation process and saving your team hours each month
    • A live demo showing how FloQast Match finds one-to-one, many-to-many, many-to-one, single-sided, and fuzzy matches
    • Answers to your specific questions during an interactive Q&A