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Company News

That’s a Wrap: Everything That Went Down at TakeControl 2021

After months and months of hard work, the week of September 13, 2021 proved to be one of the most...

Audit Readiness

FloQast, Sage Intacct Set the Stage for Seamless Remote Audits

Audits are challenging enough when teams are hard at work together in the office, but concerns about a remote audit...


Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Remote Accounting Teams

Just when accountants thought they were starting to figure out the work-life balance thing (or at least knew what it...

Customer Stories

Balancing Act: How Stack Overflow Onboarded Its New Financial Controller — Remotely

If everything had gone to plan, Andrew Rankin’s introduction as Stack Overflow’s new Financial Controller would have been considerably more...


Embracing the New Norm — Establishing and Optimizing the Effectiveness of Virtual Finance & Accounting Teams

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its vice-like grip on, well, everything, businesses continue to cope as best they can.  Particularly hard...

Customer Stories

Ensuring Seamless Collaboration for Accounting Teams Working Remote: The FloQast Effect

It's been several weeks since most accounting departments found themselves working remotely for reasons that still don't seem real (though...


Best Practices for Accounting Teams When Working Remote — According to Former Accountants

Well, here we are. With most of the world on some sort of quarantine as a precaution to the further...


Why Remote Work is the Future of Accounting

Do you feel like it’s getting harder and harder to recruit and retain top accounting talent? If so, you’re not alone. According...

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