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10 Tips on How Controllers Can Survive Their First IPO

2018 has been a momentous year for IPOs in the United States. To date, 211 companies filed IPOs, generating $44.8 billion...


The Final Countdown: ASC 606 and Revenue Recognition

The editors of Accounting Today, a leading accounting industry publication, sat down with FloQast co-founder and CEO Mike Whitmire recently...


Everything You Need to Know About FloQast’s Strict Tie-Out Mode

Accounting and finance teams are the unsung heroes of the business world, known for “reconciling differences” when others cannot. Like Enheduanna...

Customer Stories

Ask the Expert: Closing Faster and More Accurately with CFGI

Rosaleen Pizarro is a Senior Manager at CFGI, a financial consulting firm that acts as an extension of your corporate...

Customer Stories

Stack Overflow: FloQast Lets Me Sleep at Night

 When we created FloQast, our goal was to help accounting departments close the books faster. Over time, however, we found...


The Top 20 Internal Controls to Detect and Prevent Fraud

Each year, businesses lose billions of dollars to instances of fraud that — with a little structure — could largely...


Better Safe Than Sorry: Best Practices for Internal Controls

Even in the world of finance, internal controls isn’t a particularly sexy topic. Controllers and CFOs often point out that they...


The Experts’ Take on ASC 606 Revenue Recognition (and How You Can Accelerate Compliance)

Although it’s tempting for private companies to hide their heads in the sand when it comes to complying with ASC...


FloQast Customers Go Live in 1 Month, See Payback in 7

We've got some great salespeople, but they aren't the best at selling FloQast. Not by a long shot. In fact,...

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Does your job pass the “Sunday Night Test?”

Historically, Sunday nights haven’t been good to me. You see, I’m a Buffalo Bills fan. Born in March of 1994,...
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