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Closing the Books: Excel Financial Close Checklist is for Numbers, Not People

When working in an accounting department Microsoft Excel becomes a way of life - especially for closing the books. Excel...


Happy Friday! Accounting playlist:

Here are some accounting related songs to power you through that August close! For you tax men and women working up...


Bank Reconciliation: Is Cash King?

The bank reconciliation is the classic accounting procedure.  Every company does it and usually it sits atop the close process....


Easy Onboarding? My First Close.

Easy onboarding? Sounds like an oxy-moron. After working 7 years in audit, I saw my fair share of books and records....


2 Months Down at Amplify.LA

Summer is over and I’m really excited.  In my 29 years of existence, I don’t think I’ve every said that before....
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