Closing in ERPs

Exploring FloQast’s Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

When businesses invest in solutions, they do so expecting the technology will eliminate pain points, improve efficiency, and allow teams to act proactively and not reactively.

But just as one size does not fit all, not all business cases are the same. As we’ve discussed, investing in enterprise resource planning solutions is a massive step in a business’ development, indicating a “full steam ahead” plan for growth and an understanding that this investment — in time and money — will put the team in a place where it can sustainably support the organization.

But ERPs can’t do it all. Over time, controllers and their teams will understand that while ERPs are a fantastic foundation for accounting operations, they need an ecosystem of complementary tools designed to solve specific challenges, provide the agility they need to respond to today’s changing economic conditions, and seamlessly integrate with their ERP.

Integrating data between an ERP and other solutions, like Close Management, is achieved in one of two ways: Building and maintaining an integration with IT has upfront and maintenance costs as software versions change, while manually exporting data from the ERP and uploading to the Financial Close solution is a time-consuming approach that created accuracy concerns. 

But there is a third way to help applications share data and stay in sync. Today, FloQast is proud to announce a Microsoft-certified direct API integration of its core Close Management solution with Dynamics Business Central ERP. This integration means that Microsoft Dynamics users no longer need to engage with IT or third-party consultants to build and maintain integrations with their Close Management solutions: This will be handled by the FloQast Implementation team. Now, accountants, not IT, can get their Business Central ERP Integration with FloQast running in an hour or less.

So, what does this mean for accounting teams? Now, FloQast’s direct API-certified integration with the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP and the entire Microsoft Ecosystem of Excel, Teams, One-Drive, and Outlook allows teams to transform the Financial Close and further optimize their Microsoft investment. With FloQast, teams achieve their efficiency and accuracy goals, experience faster time-to-value in weeks, not months, and a reduced total cost of ownership now and over the life of the solution without needing IT resources.

If you’re interested in learning more, I will be at Microsoft Community Summit in Orlando, Florida this week, and will be presenting this Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. EST at Osceola 1 – Convention Center, Level 2. Stop by and say “hi!”

Shivang Patel

Shivang Patel is the Senior Director, Growth Markets at FloQast. Prior to joining the team in 2015, Shivang was an accounting manager and early FloQast user before making the leap and starting as an account executive at FloQast. Since then, Shivang has launched and scaled FloQast's Sales Engineering team before taking on his current role in early 2022.