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FloQast Leads G2’s Fall 2023 Financial Close Management Grid®

G2’s Fall 2023 Grid Report for Financial Close Management solutions has been released, and once again, FloQast is at the forefront: Setting the pace for what users should expect from their solutions and outlining some pretty clear trends in the space.

“Pretty bold, FloQast,” you might be thinking. Well, you’re right. But this isn’t bluster. G2’s reports aren’t awards aren’t chosen arbitrarily. G2 rates products and sellers based on reviews gathered from its user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. This means one thing: The people have spoken, and FloQast is the answer.

Let’s look deeper at G2’s Fall 2023 Grid Report for Financial Close Management results.

The Big Mo(mentum)

G2’s 2023 Grid Report for Financial Close Management software marks the fourth consecutive quarter FloQast has topped the chart, thanks in large part to a widening product offering — helping impact more areas in the office of the CFO — and a groundswell in reviews from actual users. 

Additionally, for the 11th straight quarter, FloQast led in the G2 Momentum Grid Report, speaking directly to FloQast’s market leadership and the actual impact its platform has on the personal and professional lives of real users, which, at the end of the day, is our goal.

Champions of the Mid-Market…and Enterprise

Over the last several quarters, one G2 trend in particular has been noteworthy: The shifting Financial Close software landscape for enterprise-level companies. While FloQast has seen tremendous success working with companies in the Mid-Market space, it’s clear there’s an increasing demand for these kinds of solutions in new sectors: And many of these companies view FloQast as the fit.

In this report, FloQast ranked #1 in:

“The tool is really user-friendly,” wrote one user at an Enterprise-level company. “Without knowing or with simple training, people can get into the system and do their balance sheet reconciliations. It’s been a month since we went live, and people have demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm to work in the tool.”

Intuitive and User-Focused: FloQast’s Leadership in Usability Score

Software solutions are only useful if they’re intuitive enough to use regularly, and friendly enough to make new users comfortable with adopting the product. 

One of the hallmarks of FloQast’s suite of solutions is its user-friendliness. As a result, FloQast ranked #1 for usability in G2’s overall Usability Index for Financial Close. The same can be said for both the Enterprise and Mid-Market Usability Indexes, where FloQast once again ranked at the head of its class.

“Since our first meeting with the FloQast team, we have been amazed by the product and the team involved! Tracking out month-end close and recs has never been easier,” wrote Mitch C., a senior accountant. “The system is so easy to use; they have thought of everything! The follow-up on suggestions for improvements has also been impressive.”

Unparalleled Support: FloQast Sets the Bar in Relationship Score

Since day one, FloQast’s dedication to providing best-in-class customer service has been at the foundation of the business. As a result, FloQast consistently ranks highly in G2’s Relationship Score, and this quarter is no different. Users voted FloQast highly in both the Enterprise and Mid-Market segments, good enough for tops in those categories once again. 

Building strong relationships is at the heart of business success. FloQast’s commitment to fostering meaningful connections with its users has earned it the top relationship score in both the Enterprise and Mid-Market segments.

“I have to say – the customer service from beginning to end was world-class and largely contributed to a) us signing up for the platform, and b) our continued success,” wrote Amanda M. earlier this year. Tom Coldman was excellent from a sales perspective, as he was my first line of contact, always readily available and eager to help and provide me with key information to make my decision. The onboarding team, led by Karen Rosenbaum, was truly stellar, Karen got our team up to speed quickly and was instrumental in the success of our implementation. Finally, Brittany Shaw and Trevor Gonzalez continue to help us every step of the way, always able to get us the answers we need in the turnaround time that we need it. The whole team was super friendly, engaging, and truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you FloQast!”

Effortless Implementation: Leading the Way in Enterprise and Mid-Market 

Software implementations can be a real burden of both time and resources, often requiring significant amounts of both before the real value emerges.. Depending on the scope of the solution, the resources in place to ensure a smooth implementation process, and how involved (or uninvolved) the vendor is, can make or break a successful implementation or rollout of a new solution.

According to G2 reviews, however, FloQast sets the standard for implementation processes at both the Enterprise and Mid-Market levels, meaning less work for overburdened accountants and a quicker ROI.

“FloQast is a simple tool to ensure your close gets done on time and stays accurate,” wrote Ian E. “It is easy to implement and very easy to use. I love the slick integration with Netsuite, excel and google sheets.”

The International Standard: Leading in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA

FloQast was incorporated in 2023, but the company’s global reach has really started to gather momentum in the last few years. With the launch of FloQast London in June 2021 and, most recently, in Australia and New Zealand, a new community of accountants was introduced to accounting workflow automation — and their thoughts are quite telling, according to the G2 reviews.

In the report, FloQast ranked #1 domestically and in the Asia Pacific and EMEA regions, indicating a global community of avid users who see real value in the products they use.

“Since our first meeting with the FloQast team, we have been amazed by the product and the team involved! Tracking out month-end close and recs has never been easier,” MItch C. added. “The system is so easy to use; they have thought of everything! The follow-up on suggestions for improvements has also been impressive.” 

The Bottom Line

The best part about being ranked so highly on a consistent basis is that the accolades, in effect, come straight from the users. We’re tremendously proud of what our users say about FloQast, and encourage you to read more about our solutions from our users on sites like G2, TrustRadius and Gartner Peer Insights. and that they’re excited enough about it to shout from the rafters (or, at least, on the interweb).

If you’re interested in learning more about FloQast, reach out to us today.

900+ reviews don’t lie. Check out FloQast on G2.

John Siegel

John Siegel is a Corporate Communications Manager at FloQast. Prior to joining the company, he wrote about Los Angeles-based tech companies for Built In LA. You can follow him on Twitter @JVNSiegel.