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Ensuring Seamless Collaboration for Accounting Teams Working Remote: The FloQast Effect

It’s been several weeks since most accounting departments found themselves working remotely for reasons that still don’t seem real (though they are).

For accounting departments in particular, going 100% remote can prove to be a substantial strain. Communication, morale, and efficiency have been known to suffer without the right preparation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t remote collaboration tools for accounting teams don’t exist.

Many accounting teams accustomed to working on highly-technical processes together — from the same office — have turned to close management software to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and ensure easily-repeatable processes for accounting teams — regardless of their physical location.

Communications Services for the Deaf (CSD) Confidently Goes 100% Remote

When the accounting department at Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing community, was planning to transition to remote work, Controller Thomas Means had a few concerns about how the evolution would affect his team’s productivity.

After researching remote collaboration tools for accounting teams, the company implemented FloQast, offering Means the confidence his team could handle the shift — and thrive.

“Prior to FloQast, I was operating blind,” said Means. “Now, I have a centralized system where I’m able to assign tasks to all of the employees who are working from home. It really reduced the questions of what was being done.”

Going the Extra Mile: MetroMile weathers the storm with FloQast

As stunning as the “Shelter In Place” order was, the panic about how the shift would impact existing processes was palpable for many.

In the case of Bay Area-based auto insurance company Metromile, those fears were assuaged thanks to the accounting team’s reliance on FloQast.

“We could not have completed our close this month without FloQast, especially with our shift to a 100% remote schedule,” said Accounting Manager Viktoriya Demina.

ProctorU Achieves Accounting Excellence by Leveraging Technology

Having implemented FloQast well in advance of the global pandemic, ProctorU’s needs were not dissimilar to those of suddenly-remote accounting teams.

With a rapidly-growing organization and a CFO who needed to travel quite often, communication and transparency issues took their toll on the team’s overall efficiency.

“I travel quite a bit to our different locations — domestic and internationally — and being able to manage the team — especially if I have to travel during the month-end close process — was very intensely difficult,” said CFO Jamie Illing. “As a CFO, I don’t see most of the work until the very end of the close, so having FloQast Analyze allows me to see where we’re at and how I can help.”

Weathering the Storm: Remote Accounting Teams Swear by FloQast

In trying times, knowing you can operate at a high level of productivity offers confidence and peace of mind.

“The visibility, organization, and increased productivity we’ve seen from FloQast has been nothing short of extraordinary,” said Stack Overflow CFO Jerry Raphael.

With a lot of uncertainty still ahead, hearing how FloQast users are relying on close management software to operate as efficiently as possible is both flattering and encouraging.

“We would never have been able to accomplish what we have without FloQast,” said Innocor Senior Accountant Odete Vieira. “I can’t imagine any company — especially one our size, with people all over the place — trying to figure out everyone’s status. The only way to do it is with FloQast.”

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John Siegel

John Siegel is a Corporate Communications Manager at FloQast. Prior to joining the company, he wrote about Los Angeles-based tech companies for Built In LA. You can follow him on Twitter @JVNSiegel.