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CPE Reimagined: Education Meets Entertainment with FloQademy’s (Free) CPE/CPD

For us accountants, continuing professional education (CPE) or continuing professional development (CPD) is just part of life. From pretty early on, we understand that every year, in addition to our day-to-day responsibilities, we are obligated to seek out and digest accounting-related content.

And if you think about it, it totally makes sense. The accounting profession is constantly evolving, and these credits help accountants understand the latest accounting rules and regulations, ethical standards, and industry best practices. Additionally, these credits can help us brand ourselves professionally, too. 

But the thing about continuing professional education/development is this: They’re expensive, boring, and time-consuming. 

There. I said it. The fact of the matter is that there’s just not a ton of content out there that get accountants excited. Even if it’s true crime-related.  

If you’ve caught me on a FloQast demo-on-demand, podcast, or rap video, you might know I’m an inactive CPA. It’s kinda my thing. A big part of the reason why it’s not active is because of CPE requirements. Outside of FloQast, there just isn’t a lot of time (or desire, if we’re being honest) to keep up with my CPE credits, which has bothered me for some time. 

Professional education and development for accountants shouldn’t be as much of a chore as it is, and I’m proud to say that FloQast has done something about that. Today, I’m excited to announce that FloQademy, FloQast’s learning portal, now helps accountants meet their CPE/CPD requirements for free, with access to an on-demand library of entertaining and engaging content that makes learning and professional development more fun. 

Now, actual accountants, in collaboration with FloQast Studios, are creating engaging educational content designed to help you grow professionally. These accounting experts develop courses that offer practical insights and make learning enjoyable — something most of us can agree was pretty hard to find until recently. This opportunity allows busy accountants to stay current with current trends, learn best practices, and explore non-technical and technical accounting topics, including the latest innovations in accounting technology.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the content that will be available on FloQademy:

  • Blood, Sweat & Balance Sheets – Hosted by yours truly, this podcast explores the modern accounting landscape and highlights individuals making material impacts in finance and accounting.
  • Unqualified Opinions – A podcast-style panel offers insight into public accounting experiences by sharing stories from current or former auditors.
  • The FinTech Flo Podcast – A podcast co-hosted by FloQast CEO Mike Whitmire, discussing trending news and media in the accounting and fintech world.
  • Audit Trails – A podcast-style interview offers a fresh perspective on public accounting life by sharing real stories from current or former auditors.
  • FloQast WebinarsOn-demand webinars covering technical accounting topics

And this isn’t just for FloQast users. Any accountant can access the library of self-paced courses at any time, something particularly valuable considering Finance and Accounting’s cyclical nature. Additionally, FloQademy will offer:

  • Centralized credit tracking – To create a central location to track your CPE/CPD
  • FloQast product training for customers – Master the FloQast modules with courses designed and taught by FloQast experts
  • Unmatched technical and non-technical courses Including best practices, finance technology innovations, personal development, business news, and current events 

I, for one, am really excited about this initiative. CPE/CPD is tremendously important for accountants — especially those looking to take on a more operational and strategic approach — and being able to deliver relevant content that is both informative and entertaining is really a win-win.