Best Practices for the Year-End Close

Last month’s webinar, Best Practices for the Year-End Close, has garnered a lot of attention. After the webinar we had numerous viewers contact us asking for a link to the webinar replay so they can share it with their colleagues.

Why? Because our CEO, who is a CPA and also spent several years in-house on an accounting team of a company that went public, took his years of accounting knowledge and experiences of seeing what works and what doesn’t and condensed it into 42 minutes. In this time, Mike Whitmire walks through best practices for aligning people, processes, documents and reconciliations to facilitate an efficient and effective year-end close.

Providing practical advice and recommendations around topics spanning everything from hiring the right team to building a great close checklist, Mike’s insight will help you significantly improve your year-end close. You won’t be disappointed.

Aidan Anderson