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Built In LA Names FloQast as a Best Place to Work in Los Angeles

In a recent report by LA tech publication Built In LA, FloQast was named as the #11 best place to work in LA tech, and second among software developers founded and headquartered in Los Angeles County.

The report, which ranks organizations based on employee compensation and employee benefits, includes a number of tech powerhouses such as Google, The Trade Desk, Snap, and Riot Games.

“Our goal is to establish FloQast as part of the bedrock of the Los Angeles tech community,” said Co-founder and CEO Mike Whitmire. “To do that, we need to help our employees reach their full potential. We’ve had a number of FloQast grads move on to executive positions with other companies, and that’s something we’re immensely proud of.”

Recently, I spoke with a few colleagues about what attracted them to FloQast in the first place, and how the company has helped them grow personally and professionally.

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John Higgins, Software Engineer

Before joining the FloQast family, Software Engineer John Higgins worked as a paralegal and a controller. Having experienced the pain points many accountants felt before implementing FloQast, John has been able to develop as an engineer while using his accounting knowledge to help the team grow.

What attracted you to FloQast?

I am a software engineer with a background in accounting, so FloQast seemed like an awesome combination between my past and present careers. The company is still growing, so I was excited at the prospect of making an impact right away while still being able to grow professionally. Then, after reading the GlassDoor and G2 Crowd reviews, what really sealed the deal for me was the fact that I could do awesome, meaningful work on a product that customers were excited about in an environment employees loved.

John Higgins, Software Engineer

John Higgins

What makes the company one of the best places in LA to work?

FloQast fosters a very collaborative environment in which everyone is eager to work to improve the product and their opinions are heard and respected. That respect also comes from the very top, as our leadership always communicates with us the “how, what, and why” we do what we do. That transparency is very refreshing and I think helps motivate everyone to achieve their goals.

How have you grown as a professional since joining the team?

The collaborative environment at FloQast offers both learning and teaching opportunities. Since joining the team, I’ve developed into a more well-rounded engineer and learned what it takes to be an effective mentor. Not only have my skills with algorithms, tooling, and architecture greatly improved, but I’ve gotten much better at reviewing others’ work and incorporating their feedback on my own assignments. I’ve also gotten much better at my technical communication, be it with engineering or accounting challenges.

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Shaun Robinson, Senior Business Development Representative

In just over a year with the company, Shaun Robinson has been promoted from business development representative to senior business development representative to account executive, taking home awards for BDR (Business Development Representative) of the Year at the company’s recent Sales Kick-Off meeting in Hollywood.

What makes the company one of the best places in LA to work?

The culture. Some of my favorite moments are the early morning Styx jam sessions that our sales floor will have to get the days started. People enjoy working and it means the world to work with people who do.

The impact each employee can make at a company like FloQast is huge. I started just over a year ago and have been involved in many impactful partnerships that we will maintain for years to come. As a fast-growing company, each employee has a ton of opportunity to grow and integrate themselves in facets of the company sales process that many other companies can’t provide.

Shaun Robinson, Senior BDR

Shaun Robinson

What attracted you to FloQast?

As my second position out of college, I was looking for a few things: A company that would help me grow and a place I could stay with for a long time. Not only did I find those things at FloQast, but I also found that I’m surrounded by motivated individuals who are just as passionate about the company they work for as I am.

How Have you grown as a professional since joining the team?

I have grown exponentially here at FloQast. People are very approachable, which has been pivotal in my growth. The willingness of others to stop what they’re doing and assist you has been essential to our successes as a team. I learn directly from my managers and even our founders, but also from my colleagues. It’s the people who were in my current position that made me who I am as a FloQast employee, and I look forward to continuing that culture moving forward.

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Erika Heckscher, Product Manager

As a seasoned accountant and CPA, Erika Heckscher joined the FloQast family in early-2018 after stops at PwC, BlackLine, and Toyota Financial Services. In her role as Product Manager, Erika blends her accounting background with her experience with software development to help direct FloQast’s growing product team in adding innovative new features.

What attracted you to FloQast?

I knew I wanted to work at a software company, and being able to work with other accountants and engineers on close management software was really the perfect fit. My commute to Sherman Oaks was ideal, and the quality of the interviews I had with Rob [Feinstein, VP of Product] and Mike [Whitmire] really sealed the deal.

Erika Heckscher, Product Manager

Erika Heckscher

What makes the company one of the best places in LA to work?

The team culture here at FloQast is really special. There are a lot of companies who use the ability to make an impact on the organization as a selling point, but at FloQast, we don’t consider applicants we aren’t positive can make a lasting impact on the company. I’m surrounded by a great team — a team that really gives me hope for the future of the business.

How does FloQast compare to previous jobs?

Working at FloQast — to be honest — is way, way better. We’re encouraged to speak the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might be. To contribute, to listen, and to be heard are all professionally fulfilling. I truly value the opportunity to learn from others and to share what I know with new hires. Individually, these opportunities seldom existed in my previous jobs, and certainly not all together!

John Siegel

John Siegel is a Content Creation Manager for FloQast. Prior to joining the company, he wrote about Los Angeles-based tech companies for Built In LA. You can follow him on Twitter @JVNSiegel.