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How AdRoll Reduced Their Financial Close Time by 21%

I recently had the chance to sit down with Jia Hua Juszczak and Edwin Do from AdRoll’s accounting team. I wanted to learn how they’re using FloQast’s close management software to be more efficient and better organized with their monthly close. They shared what the process of implementation was like, what they like about the software, and how they were able to reduce their financial close time from six days to four-and-a-half days.Watch the video of our full conversation above, or read the edited transcript below.

What was AdRoll’s close process like before FloQast?

Previously, we were using a Google Sheet to manage all the tasks and the completions. However, it’s kind of hard to ensure that people aren’t cheating on the Google Sheet, and it’s hard when multiple people are in there filtering it back and forth.

Why did you choose FloQast?

Our controller used it at a prior company, and he thought it was a great project management tool, so he brought us on.

What was the initial implementation process like?

The implementation process was just a matter of getting the integration set up, and then beyond that, it was uploading the tasks that we had already from the Google Sheet. Ongoing maintenance has been pretty easy too, so painless.

What has been your experience with FloQast’s integrations with Excel and cloud storage providers?

I think it’s great having all of the balances centralized on the FloQast dashboard. It makes it much easier to drill down on things that you have to really look into. We were using Box before for our close, but that was segregated from the Google Sheet and segregated from NetSuite, so nothing was talking to each other. Now it’s all connected through FloQast, which makes it a lot easier to find documents and then ensure that everything’s tying out properly.

What have been the most important benefits of FloQast for your business?

I really like knowing where my coworkers are ending [their work] for that day [so I know] where I can begin. Since we have multiple people working around the world, I don’t want to have to email them or send them a message. I just look directly on FloQast and see that they slide the slider, so it’s my turn to begin. I think that’s super cool.

When we were on the Google Sheet, close was around six days give or take. Since we’ve implemented [FloQast], we’ve cut [that timeframe] down to a four-and-a-half day or five-day close, and we’ve been consistently hitting that.

Would AdRoll recommend FloQast to other companies? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend FloQast to other companies. I like it because it makes close a lot easier, more streamlined, and more centralized. It’s a very easy communication tool [to use] with your team. If you’re serious about getting close down to a specific amount of time, then this tool would definitely help streamline the process.

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Blake Oliver

Blake Oliver, CPA, is an entrepreneur, accountant, writer, and speaker who specializes in cloud accounting technology. In 2016 and 2017, Blake was named a “40 Under 40” in the accounting profession by CPA Practice Advisor. He is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for FloQast.