2 Months Down at Amplify.LA

Summer is over and I’m really excited.  In my 29 years of existence, I don’t think I’ve every said that before.  September has always been back to the grind of school or work with football being back as the only silver lining. But this year is different. We now have visions of raising money, hiring people, getting an office and maybe even making a livable wage.  All of that is great and exciting, but the best part is we have a product we believe in and we’re helping people.

Look, I know we’re not curing cancer here or fighting poverty, but we’re definitely making accountants lives easier.  Accountants work a lot… we’ve been there.  Whether its quarter close or busy season, it’s really easy to get caught up in the work.  You go weeks or months without seeing your friends & family, work becomes your life.  Hopefully with FloQast you can make that happy hour… If so. buy us a beer, we’re a poor start-up.

We’ve hit the half way point with our time at Amplify.LA and we can’t say enough about the experience.  We’ve gone from LeanClose to FloQast, from beta to a sellable product, from thinking about our competition to thinking about our customers and changed our website roughly 3 million times.  Summer is over and it’s time to get to work… and I can’t wait.

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