Ensure completeness without wasting time in status update meetings

Completely customizable to meet the needs of your current close, FloQast standardizes your monthly close process, keeping your accounting team on track and closing faster.

Present your financials with confidence

Your close checklist becomes a collaborative tool for your whole accounting team to use, providing a real­time snapshot of what is complete vs. open. Have peace of mind knowing that no procedures slipped through the cracks.

Kick the auditors out of your conference room

With reconciliations, support and review notes documented, you can provide auditors with all the evidence they need, reducing PBCs and audit time.

FloQast gives me comfort to tell executives, “Yes, our books are closed and our financials are complete.”


Lauren Clifford,Corporate Controller, TeleSign


The automation and accountability allows me to spend more time focused on growing our business.


Brian Rainey CFO, Makeable

Keep your controller happy

A great controller means you don’t have to focus on accounting and can be more strategic. Spend less time worrying about the close status or getting hung up on accounting errors. Accounting team turnover is less detrimental because the monthly close processes are standardized, organized and maintained historically.

Present your financials with confidence

Dynamic tie outs ensure your financials are always accurate. At the next board meeting, you can get up and present with confidence.

Reduce audit fees

The more organized your accounting team is, the fewer hours the auditors can bill you. FloQast is your new secret weapon for giving you the upper hand in renegotiations.

VP of Finance

Empower your controller

With a great controller, you don’t have to worry about accounting anymore. Spend less time on the close and more time game planning strategy with your CFO.

Accelerate onboarding to reduce turnover costs

With all your historical monthly close process information organized, turnover is less costly. New employees on your accounting team can look at what was done in prior periods to help understand how they can work today.

Cleaner, faster audits

Auditors spend less time in your office when they can find everything they need on one dashboard in the cloud, including a complete flux analysis.

We are now able to provide thorough audit evidence of review and sign-off directly via FloQast.


James Walker VP of Accounting, Ruckus Wireless

Accounting Manager

I would recommend FloQast to any company looking to automate and increase collaboration on their monthly close process.


Nancy Pham, Accounting Manager, Simple Finance

Eliminate the tick and tie

FloQast integrates with your existing ERP to automate tie outs, saving your accounting team the hours and errors involved in the manual tick and tie process. By automating the monthly close process, our clients on average reduce the time taken by three business days.

Slash review time

Effortless reviews with your checklist, documents, reconciliations, review notes and comments on one screen.

Unchain from your desk

No need to hang around the office while the accounting team prepares work for your review. Everything you’ll need is organized on one screen, accessible and available in the cloud.

Senior Accountant

Know what you need to do next

Understand how to fit into the big picture with a centralized to do list, but filter down to focus on the work you need to take care of.

Tie out in real time

FloQast connects your Excel workpapers directly to your ERP. We’re able to notify you if something doesn’t tie out anymore, before your boss or auditors find out.

Go home earlier

FloQast helps you focus on what you have to do next and what’s most important. As a result, you’re much more efficient and get to go home earlier.

FloQast is a simple, yet effective way to ensure that your close deadlines are complete.


Jonathan Hardy, Sr. Accountant, Viewpoint